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How to Get Better in 2017
by Thor Roundy
Human beings are designed to resist change. Biological organisms are designed to establish and maintain homeostasis. We are designed to avoid pain. In fact, pain is probably the only feedback mecha...

3 Reasons to Reinvent Your Business in 2017
by Thor Roundy
As we enter a new year, I have heard more than the average number of people say, "2016, I won?t miss you!" The sentiment appears to be, everyone is hoping for a better year in 2017. Our world is ch...

4 Ways to Make Better Decisions in 2017
by Thor Roundy
I have never found a need for New Year?s Resolutions. New Year?s Resolutions have always seemed foolish to me for several reasons. There are 365 days in every year, and I think people should be mak...

People do business with those they know and trust. It’s much easier to connect with people that are in your own backyard. The SLCircle helps you build valuable business relationships that are close to home. We have a strong (and growing!) local group of business people, who come together to learn, share and build relationships.

Access Salt Lake is operated by SLCircle, and is the Collaborative Circle at which all of our other circles intersect.

📍 175 West 200 South, Garden Level, Suite 100, Salt Lake City, UT 84101
📞 801-382-8489

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