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Ways to Earn Access Points

To earn Access Points, use the Access Salt Lake mobile app or pages linked to from this page to record the following actions.

Action Members1 Non-Members
Connect with another member2 8 5
At Access Salt Lake +5 +5
At an Access Partner location +3 +2
For the first time +8 +8
First male/female of the day3 +3 +2
Answer a bonus question about them +5 +3
Have a bonus question answered about you +2 +1
5 days out of 7 in a row +30 +20
Check in at Access Salt Lake2, 4 10 20
5 days out of 7 in a row +30 +20
Check in at an Access Partner location2 10 5
Attend an Access Salt Lake-sponsored event 40 30
Wear Access Salt Lake apparel 15 15
Complete your Access Salt Lake online profile5 50 20
Make it great enough to be featured on our homepage +50 n/a
Create a video "testimonial" for Access Salt Lake, and get it approved 75 n/a
Attend an Office Hours appointment6 35 25
Get on the points leaderboard7 10 5
Purchase a Day Pass 25 25
Pay for Monthly Access membership 120 120
Pay for VIP Access membership 250 250
Earn points on Triple Points Tuesday (every Tuesday)8 3x 3x


  1. Points earned while you have an active, paid membership, including a Day Pass.
  2. Some actions earn points once per day. Actions that are location or person specific can earn points daily for each location or person.
  3. Your gender must be selected and visible in your profile at least to signed in members to earn bonus points for your first male/female connections of the day.
  4. Some Partner Businesses may allow check in simply by going to their location. In order to avoid excessive disruption, or to encourage taking actions that will benefit you, others may require a purchase or other interaction.
  5. A "complete" profile includes a photograph (no illustrations), 1200 characters of text (not counting HTML tags, consecutive spaces count as 1), and a link to your website or social media profile.
  6. The Office Hours provider will award points after the meeting once they determine that your request for the appointment was made honestly. Penalty points may be assessed for clearly wasting their time with the only goal being to earn points.
  7. Yes, like Paris Hilton being famous for being famous, you can earn points for earning points! The leaderboard is updated every 15 minutes. Points are earned once per day for being on the leaderboard for any amount of time.
  8. Does not apply to connection and check in streaks, completing your profile, getting it featured on the homepage, creating a video testimonial, and payments for Monthly Access and VIP Access membership.

To find out how to get started earning Access Points, visit our Access Points FAQ.

Leader Boards

7 Day

Name Points
Antone Roundy90
Thor Roundy90
EJ McCaffrey45
Joel McKay Smith45
Rhett Wilkinson45
Mark Holland45
Dustin Webb45

30 Day

Name Points
Antone Roundy400
Thor Roundy400
Dustin Webb200
Mark Holland200
Rhett Wilkinson200
EJ McCaffrey200
Joel McKay Smith200

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