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Access Partners Program

The Access Partners Program is an opportunity to raise your business profile and become a more integral part of our business community.

Terms of Participation

  1. Access Salt Lake will provide the following to participating Partners:
    • A webpage on our site with some brief information about your business, and a link to your website.
    • A listing on our Partners page, including a pin on the map and a link to your page on our site.
    • A pin at your location on the map in our mobile app.
    • A number of cards similar to the following to be used at your location to enable Access Points Program participants to check in using our mobile app. Anyone scanning the QR code using an app other than ours will be taken to your webpage on our site.
    • Periodically, we will provide aggregate information about check ins and other activity to our Partners.
  2. Access Partners are required to make the check in card available for participants to scan with our mobile app in order to check in. We recognize that not all Partners have the same needs, so how you make it available is up to you. You can put it in a window, on a wall, on the counter, require participants to ask for it, or even require a purchase to be able to check in. Whatever brings in the right balance of foot traffic and interaction for you works fine for us.
  3. Private residences, home businesses, and businesses without a fixed physical location are not eligible for the Access Partners Program.
  4. Partners are invited, but not required, to provide rewards or benefits to program participants. If you have promotional items that you would like us to distribute, we may make them available in a variety of ways, including by enabling participants to exchange Access Points for them.
  5. At least initially, participation will be free. In the future, some level of fees may be required, which may vary based on the value each Partner brings to the program.
  6. Access Salt Lake is not responsible for the actions of program participants.
  7. We reserve the right to modify or discontinue the program at any time.

Become an Access Partner

To become an Access Partner, contact us with the following information:

📍 175 West 200 South, Garden Level, Suite 100, Salt Lake City, UT 84101
📞 801-382-8489

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