Consumer Power, by Scott Paul & Nick Stagge of Wooly

Bigfoot is a marketing mastermind (30 minutes)

Nick Stagge, CMO Wooly

Discover Nick's word of mouth secrets that helped turn 66 million Americans into Bigfoot believers. Learn how these steps can be applied to your business to create unshakable fandom and impressive sales results.

For the past 20 years Nick Stagge has obsessed over the consumer journey and the ways brands create better buying experiences. Nick is the Chief Marketing Office for Wooly, Inc – the Customer Relationship Platform for brands to build better customer relationships. He is a contributing author for the American Advertising Federation, Utah Business, and is featured in numerous marketing and technology publications. He is often on stage at conferences around the world, sharing his insights on what makes the best brands in the world.

Nick spent more than 10 years in retail, owning customer interactions across the Western United States for Zumiez – the global leader in action sports retail. During his time in retail he recognized most brands were taking a passive role in the customer experience. Set out to change that dynamic, Nick joined Skullcandy in 2010 to build an active global channel strategy focused on empowering sales associates to drive retail sell through. In 2012 he moved to GoPro to lead global brand advocacy through experiential product education with retailers, distributors, media, athletes, creators, and end users. Recognizing many brands were still struggling to amplify advocacy, Nick accepted a marketing leadership role at ExpertVoice – the world’s largest advocacy platform. He was responsible for helping brands like Reebok, The North Face, Purina, Oakley, and others to create comprehensive advocacy strategies designed to increase loyalty and drive sales.

The future of commerce (25 minutes)

Scott Paul, CEO/Founder Wooly

Listen in as Scott shares his predictions on the future of commerce. He'll break down the history of commerce to help us uncover the exciting future of how people buy -- and who, exactly, they'll be buying from.

Scott Paul helped create, and ruin, influencer marketing. You’re welcome. As an early entrepreneur, Scott leveraged a free endorsement by Lebron James, skyrocketing his start-up company. Discovering the power of influencer marketing, he founded Instafluence – a social media agency designed to help influencers build their personal brand, drive engagement, and secure brand contracts. In 2015, Scott sold Instafluence to Disney, where he joined their team as the VP of Influencer. During his time at Disney, he took note of the inauthentic way many brands were approaching their influencer strategy; rather than working with actual customers, they were outsourcing influencers as promotional mercenaries.

In 2018 Scott set out to change this, founding Wooly, Inc – the Customer Relationship Platform for brands to build better customer relationships. Through Wooly, Scott strives to usher in a new era of real relationships between customers and the brands they already know and love.

Scott is an active angel investor, helping spur his entrepreneurial spirit locally. Now living in Midway, Utah, he and his family enjoy alpaca farming and building an outdoor wonderworld for kids of all ages.

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