An Evening with Wendy Bird

In today's instant messaging world, we often lose sight of real human connection. Through two decades of international work, Wendy Bird has learned first hand how to combat today's message of "me" and replace it with "we". You will come away from this evening with a greater awareness of how to tap into the humanity we all aspire to through Connection, Clarity and Consciousness.

The human stories of Wendy's boots-on-the-ground work with the untouchables in India, human traffick survivors in Dominican Republic, and squatters in the Philippines -- helping them rise above their pasts by making jewelry -- will touch your heart and mind. Their artisan crafted gemstones, pearls, sterling silver and larimar will all be available to purchase this evening, inspiring you to bring humanity back into consumerism.

About Wendy Bird

Wendy Bird is a Certified High Performance Coach, International Speaker and founder of Pearls with Purpose Foundation, a social-impact organization. This unique nonprofit is a training organization which blends micro-enterprising with humanitarian assistance.

Since 2002, Wendy has inspired and motivated people all over the world with her unique hand-up (vs. hand-out) approach to long term self-reliance. A certified gemologist, Wendy leads women toward self-sustainment with jewelry-making and micro-business skills. She partners with like-minded organizations (Operation Underground Railroad, Mentors International, Rising Star Outreach, Believe International and etc.) to bring about long-term self-reliance for those recovering from sex-trafficking or abusive/disadvantaged situations. These women utilize the training to create products made from supplies found within their own countries. These beautiful hand-crafted Artisan quality jewelry products are then sold in developed countries.

Beginning in the Philippines in 2002 with just four women, she opened another co-op in Ban Nam Kem, Thailand working with Tsunami survivors in 2006. Partnering with Rising Star Outreach she then opened a co-op in Barathapurham, India in 2010 with leprosy afflicted women who had been told they were “untouchable” their entire life. The CICFO orphanage in Phnom Penh, Cambodia was the third co-op opened in 2013. Most recently, she partnered with Mentors International in Peru in 2018 and handled the Operation Underground Railroad Aftercare program for sex-traffick survivors in Juan Dolio Dominican Republic in 2019. This worldwide outreach program has assisted hundreds of women in creating self-sustainability for themselves and their families.

Wendy has an adventurous spirit and for years her motto has been “Life begins where your comfort zone ends.” She has accomplished several bucket list items such as (but definitely not limited to): learning to ski at age 40, riding LOTOJA, skydiving over Wallongong Beach in Australia, Hiking Havasupai Falls (Arizona), The Narrows, Angels Landing (Zions) and Tigers Nest, Bhutan. Helicopter riding to Base Camp Mount Everest, Caving/spelunking in Son Doong, Vietnam, hot air balloon riding in Egypt, lecturing at the Taj Mahal and several other World Heritage sites and destinations in Asia, riding/painting/washing/feeding elephants and camels at Amber Fort, India and a plethora of other life enhancing activities! After a dual hip replacement in 2018 she hiked Machu Picchu and explored other significant adventures in many of the countries she works in. All of this despite 45 surgeries and being half titanium.

She is a graduate of the Goldman Sachs 10KSB program (2015) wherein she created a growth plan and realized the value of mentorship in her own life. She is currently the President of SCORE Salt Lake and firmly believes that life is worth being curious about.

Wendy has lived and worked extensively in 46 countries and spoken in nearly all 50 states. She takes a stand for simply being Pro-Humanity. When in country, she resides in Utah.

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