Why You Should Hold Office Hours at Access Salt Lake

We get it. You already have an office. Why do you need another one, right?

If you already have all the business you need, and your clients are perfect: they always pay their bills on time, they're exactly who you want to work with, etc., then yeah. Maybe you don't need Access Salt Lake.

Most client pools don't fit that description. Let's talk about how we can improve yours.

What are "Office Hours"?

Office Hours are free, initial consultations that you offer to prospective clients for up to 4 hours per week at Access Salt Lake. Benefits include:

  • Pre-qualified referrals from other Office Hours providers, and anyone else who visits our site.
  • Free use of our meeting rooms for your appointments.
  • Easy scheduling using our online system -- enter the dates and times you're available, and prospective clients can apply for appointments.
  • Pre-screen clients by having them fill out a questionnaire when they request an appointment. Answers are emailed to you. You can approve the appointment, or tell them what they need to do to have their request accepted.
  • If you need meeting space in downtown Salt Lake for other purposes, your membership includes unlimited free reservations up to one week in advance.
  • You only need to come here on days when you have appointments confirmed.
  • Rub shoulders with our other members anytime. (We've seen a lot of business successes start this way!)

How Much Does It Cost?

To hold Office Hours at Access Salt Lake, you must be approved by our management, and have a current VIP Access membership.

The regular price for VIP Access is $299/month. For Office Hours providers who already have offices, we offer a discount VIP Access membership that includes all the benefits except the reserved desk, file cabinet, and 24/7 access pass for $199/month.

What's the Next Step?

If you're interested in joining our business ecosystem and becoming an Office Hours provider, contact us with any questions you have and to schedule a time to meet and tour the facility.

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