A few days ago, we introduced you to our new Access Points program. You may have noticed a few mentions in our last post of Access Partner businesses. Today, we'd like you to become an Access Partner.

The program is designed to send you more foot traffic. It costs you nothing, and has only one simple requirement -- to post a card similar to this somewhere at your business:

Participants in the Access Points program will see a pin at your business location on a map in our app. They will come by to scan the QR code to check in and earn points. When they do, a message that you create will be displayed in the app. You can use the message however you want to promote your products and services.

Additionally, anyone who scans the QR code with an app other than ours will see a webpage on our site that introduces your business and the Access Points program.

To see a list of Access Partners, and for more information, visit the Access Partners page.

To become an Access Partner, contact us with your business name, address, and website, if you have one, and the names and email addresses of anyone you'd like to authorize to edit the message your business displays when people check in. We'll get you set up and prepare check in cards for you.

We hope to add you to our list of Access Partners!